Employers gear up for more employee health management

Attention all employees: Employers have a clear interest in expanding initiatives to help workers manage their personal health effectively, according to United Benefit Advisors’ 2007 Employer Survey. The survey asks employers about the extent and effectiveness of their current and planned wellness and disease management programs, the range of employee benefits offered, the various employee communication strategies in place or planned, and employers’ wish list for future initiatives.

The adoption of personal-health management strategies by employers of all sizes continues to increase. Roughly 25 percent of all employers currently provide various wellness and health risk assessments, and an additional 50 percent of employers would like to add such programs in the future. This is up 6 percent from last year’s survey.

Interestingly, according to the survey, employers now believe that some benefits and costs should be based on an employee’s involvement in managing chronic conditions. And only 17 percent believe that no financial consequences should result from differences in effort.

Does your organization currently have or plan next year to use incentives to encourage employees to take any of the following cost-control steps:

Which of the following strategies does your organization currently have in place or planned for next year?

Which of the following specific prevention and wellness programs does your organization have in place or have planned for your next plan year?

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