Managed Care


October 2007

It is an idea whose time has finally come: Today's clinical pharmacists are involved in virtually all aspects of medical care
Martin Sipkoff
These niche operators might help to keep hospital costs down and prevent some hospital-acquired conditions
Frank Diamond
From dodgy data to uncooperative doctors, difficulties confront health plans that are trying to stratify providers by cost and quality
John Carroll
The former assistant secretary of defense for health affairs says that much that he learned might be applicable to the commercial sector
Premera Blue Cross and a large Spokane oncology practice agree on treatment protocols and on the importance of cost control
Lola Butcher

Legislation & Regulation
Yes, commercial health insurers often take a cue from the government, but that doesn't mean that they follow blindly
John Carroll
Medication Management
The diverse Latino population requires insurers to understand that there is no cookie-cutter answer for successful medication management
Martin Sipkoff
Health Plan Design
HSAs offer an easy way to save money, have it grow, and not be taxed when it is withdrawn. Why don't more people take advantage of this?
Lola Butcher
Tomorrow's Medicine
The Prestige Cervical Disc system can replace a single disc from C3 to C7 and gives people with cervical disc disease another viable treatment option
Thomas Morrow, MD