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To take just two examples, the measles vaccine and techniques to prevent infant suffocation can’t work if people refuse to use them.
Record-High Number of Cases in France, Italy, Greece, Other Locations
Will Have a Longer Shelf Life Than Current, Expired Stockpile
Most Women Undergoing Surgery for Suspected Cancer Do Not Have It
Specific Monoclonal Antibodies Ensure Extreme Sensitivity, Accuracy
More transparency would create a system that helps patients and benefits all stakeholders.
Errors of commission and omission keep these effective and less expensive pharmaceuticals out of the reach of patients.
Calls to cover every single person in the United States fly in the face of feasibility, argues the CEO of the Kaiser Family Foundation.
Almost 64% of Patients Showed Decreased Hemoglobin A1c Levels
Lifesaving Life Foam for Battlefield, Terrorist Attacks, Trauma
Cell Reprogramming Process May Benefit Patients Prone to Severe Hypoglycemia
Beagles Beat Out Advanced Technology
Providers tend to focus on the health problem before them, and usually don’t address the underlying addiction that caused it.
Over Half of Patients Had Reduced Pain Levels of 30% or More