Vol. 6, No. 12 December 1997

Having Pharmacists Review Drug Regimens Could Save Billions     20F

Drug-related health problems cause needless suffering and waste billions of dollars. Consultant pharmacists say they can help.

Are We Unmanaging Care?     28

The intensity of gatekeeping has changed. Responding to market pressures, most plans are easing referral requirements or doing away with them altogether. Will higher costs and poorer medicine result?

An Interview With Dennis O’Leary, M.D.  35

The Joint Commission’s president says it may be just as well that managed care can’t agree on one HMO accrediting agency just yet.

Will Plans Follow New Diabetes Guidelines?     43

The American Diabetes Association has proposed stronger screening guidelines. With the disease at an all-time high, will plans go along?

HMOs’ Delicate Balancing Act: The Art of Setting Copayments     48

HMO copayment amounts aren’t just picked out of thin air. Because utilization and physician revenue are at stake, setting them is tricky.


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