Drug management

Drug pricing & markets, value-based pricing, cost control, real-world evidence for safety and effectiveness

Frieda Wiley
They can add competition and lower prices, but some see authorized generics as a ploy to fend off competition from true generics.
Thomas Reinke
But discontinuation rate is high, and Wall Street is unimpressed by sales of the new class of migraine medications.
Ed Silverman
Restrictions blunted the effect of Sovaldi and other antivirals on Medicaid budgets. The gradual removal of these barriers is going too slowly, say advocates.
Ed Silverman
Generic medicines are touted as a cost-saving tool, but formulary tactics stand in their way. A new report from the Association for Accessible Medicines says years can pass between FDA approval of a “first generic” and its inclusion on a majority of Part D plan formularies.
Thomas Reinke
The TNF inhibitors have ruled the roost, and Humira is the top selling drug in the world. But the interleukin inhibitors are challenging TNF inhibitor hegemony.
Timothy Kelley
C​ould drug prices be lowered by pegging them to what is paid in other countries? The Trump administration took a step in that direction last fall, when CMS floated a proposal to use international reference pricing (IRP)—average prices paid in a select group of other high-income nations—to limit…
Ed Silverman
After Ohio uncovered huge spreads, other states have taken a hard look at spread pricing in their Medicaid programs. U.S. senators and CMS are also getting into the act.
Thomas Reinke
Utilization management techniques for traditional medicines don’t translate to drugs covered by the medical benefit. Site-of-service programs show some promise, though.

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