August 2014

Managed Care Was Founded by Contrarians

You might not agree with them, but you can’t ignore them. The history of health care in the United States is filled with those who identified the system’s failings and offered new, unproven ideas. Is it time for a single-payer system? Are accountable care organizations unworkable? Will CMS go under? Read on.
As the November elections loom, the Affordable Care Act remains politically explosive. Nevertheless, 4 experts say, it’s time to start taking the next steps — toward a society whose policies truly help people keep their health.
Good luck getting it, because staying on regimens for these newer medications requires a degree of concentration not expected in the past


The Affordable Care Act had brokers thinking they would lose business. Now they are working with private exchanges and adapting in other ways.
How insurers react to the first biosimilars will be crucial to the development of that industry in the United States
Breakthrough drugs for fighting cancer race toward approval, but the ubiquitous question persists: How can we afford them?