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Benefits drive consumers when they pick plans

According to a National Research Corp. study, out-of-pocket expense is important to consumers when selecting a managed care plan — more important than physician office locations — but not so important as the benefits a plan offers. NRC received responses from 165,000 households.

When you selected one health plan over another, how important...

Markets where members place highest importance on benefits

  1. Charlotte, N.C.  94.7%
  2. Johnson City, Tenn.  94.6%
  3. Vallejo, Calif.  94.5%
  4. Nassau-Suffolk, N.Y.  94.5%
  5. Mobile, Ala.  94.4%
  6. Philadelphia  94.3%
  7. Birmingham, Ala.  94.2%
  8. New Haven-Bridgeport, Conn.  94.1%
  9. Akron, Ohio  94.0%
  10. Fort Worth  93.9%

Markets where members place highest importance on doctor participation

  1. Youngstown, Ohio  88.9%
  2. Bergen-Passaic, N.J.  88.2%
  3. Toledo, Ohio  87.6%
  4. Greenville, S.C.  86.3%
  5. Rochester, N.Y.  86.1%
  6. Wichita, Kan..  85.9%
  7. Providence, R.I.  85.3%
  8. Birmingham, Ala.  85.3%
  9. Cincinnati  85.2%
  10. Wilmington, Del.  85.1%


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