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An MCO with an integrated medical and pharmacy benefit management system can overcome the challenges associated with this costly category

There was little difference between the options in terms of the frequency and cost of return visits. Patients receiving one-stage reconstructions returned slightly less often for breast-related services during the first 18 months after reconstruction, but the difference was not statistically significant.

A controversial study challenges backers to prove that these technologies are cost-effective

While Congress worries about physicians’ salaries and employers bemoan the cost of imaging, it’s orphan drugs that might deserve most attention

Many who claim to be constructing such entities are really creating ‘clinically integrated organizations’

Everything is relative, but there’s been what many experts describe as substantial growth for a lot reasons

These tools, often adopted by other industries, can help insurers improve health care delivery


This population can benefit from Juxtapid and Kynamro, but the cost is not addressed by health reform

The insurer studies exactly what works and why in studying two programs that battle diabetes

The SGR, ill-conceived and continually bypassed, may be nearing the end of its pathetic, useless life