Joseph Burns

When infusion therapy, for example, is given at home—a less costly setting—both patient comfort and health plans’ bottom lines benefit. But if hospitals buy up all the practices, payers may lose the chance to save.

Jan Greene

Health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) have fewer rules, but health savings accounts (HSAs) create more of an incentive to shop for health care.

Original Research
Pierantonio Russo, MD
Alan Adler, MD
Legislation & Regulation
Richard Mark Kirkner

Chief Justice John Roberts

Court challenges have failed. Repeal bills will be vetoed. The next major chapter in the ACA’s history may depend on who wins the White House next year.

Medication Management
Thomas Reinke

Jonathan Weiner, PhD

Health insurers’ capability to gather and create data far outstrips their ability to analyze the information and put it to use. Progress is being made.

Tomorrow's Medicine
Thomas Morrow, MD

Sanovas’s MicroCam bronchoscope

With low-dose CT screening for lung cancer, now may be the time for a California company’s smaller, possibly less expensive bronchoscopy technology.