Jan Greene

Aetna CEO
Mark Bertolini

Thomas Reinke

April Kunze
Prime Therapeutics

Joseph Burns

Gretchen Jacobson
Kaiser Family Foundation

Thomas Reinke

Beth Ginzinger

They’re in the early stages of integrating regional clinical programs that expand treatment options for patients and facilitate effective population health management.

Interview by Peter Wehrwein
Marc Harrison, MD
The new president and CEO looks ahead to the Utah system becoming a referral center and says last year’s net operating margin can be chalked up to an implementation of an electronic medical record system.
Legislation & Regulation
Richard Mark Kirkner

But demise of Proposition 61 in California may not be the last word on efforts to rein in drug spending.

Zachary Hafner

Zachary Hafner
Advisory Board

Payers and providers can both succeed in a value-based world if they commit to a new kind of partnership.

Chuck Hayes

One way to make that happen is by making automated messages from provider to patient part of chronic disease management.

Tomorrow’s Medicine
Thomas Morrow, MD

An Icelandic company has figured out how to render cod fish skin into a material that can help people recover from surgical and other types of wounds.