Susan Ladika

Their care of loved ones defrays costs that would otherwise have to be borne by the health care system, but they too often go it alone.

Interview by Peter Wehrwein

Thomas Lee, MD

Suffering, empathy, competition, the patient experience. Thomas H. Lee, MD, Press Ganey’s chief medical officer and a member of our editorial board, connects some big ideas in his new book, An Epidemic of Empathy in Healthcare.
Legislation & Regulation
Richard Mark Kirkner

What regulators will be focusing on as they scrutinize the Anthem–Cigna and Aetna–Humana deals.

Biologics in Development
Katherine T. Adams
Tomorrow’s Medicine
Thomas Morrow, MD
A company outside Boston creates a device that would let quadriplegics get out of their wheelchairs and start new lives. Will health plans cover this?
Cancer Watch
Peter Wehrwein
MD Anderson has some experience with this sort of ambitious effort, and its president has some can-do suggestions to make it work.