Thomas Reinke

Jennifer Graff
Nt’l Pharmaceutical Council

The health system is entering uncharted territory with this approach, and new rules might be needed to ensure the studies are credible.
Frank Diamond
Most insurers are wary about any data that comes from outside their plan and whether RWE can take root in non-integrated plans is an open question.
Joseph Burns

Matthew Hamilton, MD

Requiring some patients with chronic conditions to try and fail multiple medications leads to complications and drives up costs, say many physicians. Insurers answer that the trial-and-error approach can be an important way to rein in costs.
Jaan Sidorov, MD
Akash Randhar
The challenges include not overburdening physicians and fitting into an increasingly complex, multilayered informatics ecosystem. Artificial intelligence is a work in progress, but early adopters of gamification could get ahead of their competition.
Value-Based Tools
Michael D. Dalzell
Outcomes-based contracting for drugs is ready for the mainstream. Before they jump in, insurers and pharma need to solve data puzzles and outcomes conundrums.
Zachary Hafner

Zachary Hafner
Advisory Board

Carter Paine

Carter Paine

Neither providers nor health plans have had an incentive to manage post-acute care. That’s changing. Metrics and predictive analytics can help.
Tomorrow’s Medicine
Thomas Morrow, MD
The new Merck drug could help stem the tide of hypervirulent C. difficile, but it’s expected to be expensive.
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