Vol. 5, No. 1 January 1996

Why Direct Contracting Won’t Put Doctors Back in the Saddle

A Minnesota employer coalition’s plan to contract directly with providers may encourage physicians to try to eliminate the HMO “middleman.” In most cases, they’ll find, it’s harder than it looks.

Finding Happiness as a Managed Care Physician

Last month, this family physician told how his move from Albuquerque to a specialist-dominated city on the East Coast had made him plead, “Give Me Back Managed Care!” Here’s the conclusion of his story.

Say Goodbye to Ulcers, Say Hello to Savings

New understanding of the causes of peptic ulcer disease offers a dramatic opportunity for cost saving with improved quality.

The Little Things Can Kill a Practice Merger

Thinking of merging your practice with another? Heed this consultant’s advice to inoculate your merger against a terminal case of “athlete’s foot.”

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