Vol. 6, No. 5 May 1997

Will Health Care Plans Keep Their ERISA Shield? 25

For more than two decades, a complex federal law has been interpreted to protect managed care organizations from malpractice liability claims. Now experts say that protection may be in jeopardy.

Master the ‘ABCs’ of Activity-Based Cost Accounting 43

Unless you know how much your visits, procedures and services are costing your practice per patient, you can’t know whether a given capitation rate will be profitable. This system can help.

A Visit With Consultant Peter Kongstvedt, M.D. 54

What will the future bring for the managed care industry and the physicians who work within it? A leading health care consultant shares his views in a wide-ranging interview with Managed Care.

Ten Ways To Save Money On Your Office Dictation 72

Streamlining your practice’s office dictation may not rank number one on HMOs’ wish lists. But since when do physicians working with managed care have money to toss out the window?

Hammurabi’s Managed Health Care–Circa 1700 B.C. 78

The roots of modern managed care go back to prepaid plans of the 19th century, but many of the concepts we use today were first used in ancient times. Babylon had a kind of “managed care.”

One Physician’s System For Reporting Test Results 83

A Pennsylvania family physician saw a recent Managed Care article on communicating test results to patients and decided to share with readers some of the tools he uses for this important task.

Utilization of Generics: A Managed Care Failure? 85

Managed care is in the business of holding down costs. And while generics generally cost less, there are many pressures from patients, physicians–even employers–to stick with the branded products.


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