Vol. 5, No. 2 February 1996

What Do Patients Really Think of Managed Care?

Opinion surveys on all sides these days purport to prove that patients like–or don’t like–what they’re getting with managed care. A health survey specialist at Harvard makes sense of the conflicting headlines.

Payoffs for Physicians When They Go ‘Online’

Is it worthwhile for even a computer-shy physician to spend a little time investigating the Internet and other online services? You bet it is. Here are some of the ways doctors have benefited–and you can too.

Know These Five Things Before You’re Capitated

Managed care contracts that pay you on a per-patient, per-month basis can be a good opportunity for physicians, but before signing you should evaluate the risk you’ll be taking on. Here are five areas to consider.

Physician-Owned HMOs Turn Up the Heat in Florida

A pair of new physician-owned HMOs in the Sunshine State represent a national trend. Can these doctors meet the challenges of the marketplace without becoming just like what they oppose?


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