Vol. 5, No. 8 August 1996

The Competitive New World Of Medicare Managed Care

With federal budgets tightening and the ranks of the elderly swelling, the managed care approach is expected to transform Medicare. What will this mean for HMOs, doctors and the treatment of older patients?

‘Prenuptial’ Planning for Your Next Managed Care Contract

Signing with a managed care organization isn’t exactly like getting married, but both require clear-eyed planning. Here, a health care attorney offers practical counsel on the simpler of those two steps.

When Patients Ask For Backdated Referrals

Problem: The specialist referral is appropriate for the patient’s condition and coverage but, alas, the visit has already taken place. Do you oblige your patient by fudging the rules and signing the backdated slip?

Get Ready! Coming Your Way: Electronic Prescriptions

New technology that allows you to zap prescriptions to pharmacies instantly is ready and being used by some doctors. Are you willing to forgo your pen and pad for a computer that can send electronic Rxs?


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