Vol. 7, No. 3 March 1998


Getting Serious About Formularies

More than 90 percent of managed care plans use formularies, which get stricter as costs rise. Physician compliance has often been grudging, but doctors now have their own techniques.

Pastoral Service Renews Meaning of Faith in Medicine

HIP Health Plan of New York trains volunteers to give hospitalized members spiritual support. Can this cut costs too?

Why Patients Have Little Patience for Report Cards

Health plan report cards are a good idea. But how valuable are they if the average consumer can’t–or won’t–use them?

A Conversation with Ron Pollack

The head of Families USA discusses the health care consumers’ bill of rights, at-risk populations and incremental reform.

Keep Peace in Your Practice

Nobody likes a war zone. Simple personnel management approaches used in the business world can make life easier.

Competitive Intelligence: Make Public Documents Work For You

Use state and federal laws to give you a leg up on competition.


Editor’s Memo
In Managed Care as in Life, Small Advances Add Up

News and Commventary
AHCPR, Kaiser Studying Help For Depressed
Doctors with a plan’s success at stake
Finding managed care’s new fertile ground
Give them what they want
Medica Splits With Physicians; Aetna Drops ‘Em
Nurses Strike Kaiser Hospitals In California
Is Oxford for Sale? Wall Street Mulls It Over While the HMO Tries To Shape Up Internally
Poll: Consumers Are No Longer Sleeping Giants
Headlines On Deadline …

Washington Initiatives
Family Physicians Give Administration Mixed Reviews on Budget, Reform Plan
CBO Predicts Dramatic Rise In Medicaid Costs
PSO Rules Panel Struggles With Solvency Equity
Expect Changes In Medicare HMO Inpatient Rates
AHCPR: Employers Should Use Power To Boost Quality
Take as Needed …

State Initiatives
Arizona’s High Court Says UR Denials Are Medical, Not Insurance, Decisions
New York State Sets Up Hot Line For Late Payment
Missouri Clarifies Provisions of New HMO Choice Rules
Indiana Senate Passes Physician Choice Legislation
Florida Court Rejects Provider Ballot Measure
Virginia Governor Backs Oversight Rules for Plans
HMO Liability Hot New Debate In New Jersey

Compensation Monitor
For physician executives, that M.B.A. really pays off

Respect for the Patient Has a Future In the Harried World of Managed Care

Legal Forum
Determine a Comfortable Capitation To Effectively Negotiate Contracts

Managed Care Outlook
See it now: The tube attracts members

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