Vol. 7, No. 9 September 1998

In Search of Excellence…

…and four other shades of performance. The NCQA’s new accreditation system is not pass/fail. HEDIS figures prominently.


The Trouble With Guidelines

They are expert-approved and up to date. So why aren’t physicians following guidelines? Do financial incentives work? This shouldn’t be about turf, but sometimes it looks that way.

Seeing the Forest and the Trees

Population-based health care might be easier to practice than to explain. HMOs can provide tools to help physicians achieve it.

A Conversation With Nancy W. Dickey, M.D.

The new head of the 294,000-member AMA takes on controversial issues such as unions and medical savings accounts.

Prescription for Safety

Drug-drug interactions can be minimized, but not if pharmacists turn off the warnings their computers can display.


Editor’s Memo
Consolidate, Disseminate Clinical Practice Guidelines

News and Commentary
Financial Woes Doom a Merger, Dog an HMO, Dampen Investor Spirit
With HMO Gone, Texas Health Will Wed Baylor Health
DTC Ads Hit Mark, Drive Increases In Office Visits
Headlines On Deadline…

State Initiatives
West Virginia Hopes DM Program Will Control Medicaid Drug Costs
Florida Physicians Sue Prudential, May Form Union
Colorado Fines Cigna $126,000 For Violations
Texas HMO Agrees To Pay Back $3.4M To Physicians
Following Trend, Michigan HMOs Lose $42 Million
Maine Law Leads Insurers To Leave State

Washington Initiatives
Congress Gearing Up For Patient Rights Debate
Bill Would Change Negotiation Rules For Physicians
Clinton Wants HMO-Medicaid Match To Stick
Uninsured children: benefits for the taking [chart]
Most Hospitals In ’99 Will Get Medicare Hikes
Medicare+Choice Draws Nearer; Groups Scramble
Take as Needed…

Compensation Monitor
Academic institutions — overpaying their administrators?

Limiting Access to Managed Care: Is ‘No Job, No Health Benefits’ Fair?

Managed Care Outlook
Hospital-owned health plans grow


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