Vol. 7, No. 11 November 1998


PSOs: What Happened?

They were expected to spur the growth of managed Medicare. So where’s the stampede? Does the lack of applications demonstrate that HCFA is out of touch with the realities of managed care?

The Mountain Named JCAHO Meets the Tremor Called ISO

Meet ISO 9000, standards created in Europe to ensure product quality. Are they applicable to health care in America? One hospital in Louisiana thinks so. JCAHO officials beg to differ.

Information Underload: Why Claims Data Fall Short

When it comes to building disease management programs, plans and vendors rely on claims data. But should they?

Clinically, for-profits lag not-for-profits

Not-for-profit plans appear to outscore for-profit plans in the NCQA’s annual release of HEDIS data.

A Conversation with Michael J. Dillon, R.Ph.

A wide-ranging and insightful discussion with the first executive director of the Foundation for Managed Care Pharmacy.


Editor’s Memo
Is PSO Paucity Instance of ‘Put Up or Shut Up?’

News and Commentary
Health Plans Stream Out of Medicare While Medicare+Choice Starts Slowly
Drug Expense Hits Home; Mississippi Pays Pharmacists
Premiums Rise, Medical Costs Lag, Says New Survey
Triple Benefit Plan, Hospitalist Pact Attract Attention
Texas Case Tests Whether HMOs Can Be Sued
How plans manage pharmacy costs [chart]
Headlines On Deadline…

Washington Insight
Autopsy Reveals Patient Rights Legislation May Have Been Dead for Several Months

State Initiatives
Former Governor Attacks Overhaul of Ky. Coverage
Largest HMO Wants To Depart Wisconsin’s Plan
Left behind by the boom? [map]
Medicaid Rates Rise in Georgia, Bucking Trend
N.H. Plan Covers Uninsured, Taps Small Businesses
7 Managed Care Reform Measures Vetoed by California’s Gov. Wilson

Compensation Monitor
Which grows faster: grass or compensation?

Ethics of Alternative Medicine: The Unconventional Has Its Place

Legal Forum
HCFA Needs To Shine Some Light Through Stark II’s Murkiness on ‘Gifts’

Managed Care Outlook
‘I want what I want, or I’m outta here’

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