After Big Case, Aetna Goes After Own Reinsurers

While Aetna U.S. Healthcare prepares its appeal of a California jury’s $120 million liability verdict, it’s simultaneously preparing for the worst — suing its own insurers to make sure they cough up their share if need be.

The Hartford Courant reports Aetna’s reinsurers could be on the hook for $76 million if the courts reject its appeal in the David Goodrich case. The jury cited “intentional wrongdoing,” which some reinsurers may try to use as a legal defense to deny Aetna’s claims.

Aetna Chairman Richard Huber, meanwhile, apologized to Goodrich’s widow for comments he made during a post-verdict interview. Huber had said his company was done in by “a skillful ambulance-chasing lawyer, a politically motivated judge, and a weeping widow.”

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