Vol. 8, No. 8 August 1999

Cover Story

Pharmacy Copayments: A Double-Edged Sword

HMOs hope higher pharmacy copayments will lead to more responsible utilization, but poor outcomes could result if compliance drops. Physicians’ prescribing habits will be challenged.

Rude Awakening When Kaiser Retreats

As Kaiser Permanente prepares to leave the Northeastern U.S., physicians left behind are faced with a number of unfamiliar problems. First among them: How to survive.

NCQA Puts Pressure on Plans That Don’t Report HEDIS Scores

NCQA is challenging plans that don’t participate in its quality- measurement program. HEDIS scores were best for plans that have consistently reported their results to the public.

A Conversation With J. Lyle Bootman, Ph.D.

The free market has the potential to improve health care delivery, but responsibility for care decisions and funding may have to be reallocated, says this pharmacoeconomist.

‘E-dentities’ Will Reduce Internet Security Problem

“Public key infrastructure” is one means of sharing more information with the right people while keeping hackers at bay.


Editor’s Memo
Expect Close Encounters With Pharmacy’s Third Tier

News and Commentary
Health Expenditures Ease a Bit; Drugs Lead Cost-of-Care Increase
Health expenses rise, but more gently [chart]
Patients Rights: This Isn’t Even Close to the End
NCQA Takes Initial Steps To Examine Quality of PPOs
HMOs Defect From Medicare, Decry Drug Rider
California May Stop Giving Physicians New HMO Licenses
Headlines on Deadline…

Washington Watch
Sleeping Giant Has Awakened: U.S. Relentlessly Sniffs Out Fraud

State Initiatives
TennCare Gets Higher Marks for Care Than for Administration and Funding

Compensation Monitor
Extenders’ pay gains exceed physicians’

AMA’s Union Approval Raises Troubling Issues

Legal Forum
Don’t Be Decredentialed Without Putting Up a Fight

Managed Care Outlook [chart]
Recruiters show less ardor for primary care physicians

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