Vol. 8, No. 9 September 1999

It’s Too Soon To Write Off Those Suffering PHOs

Early PHOs lacked focus, while hospitals and physicians tussled. A good medical director can make all the difference.


Consumers Join the Fray

The Internet, market forces, and political pressure promise to strengthen this overlooked player’s hand. More knowledgeable patients present opportunities — as well as challenges.

Is There a Doctor in the House?

The once-common house call is becoming attractive again. HMOs are interested because it can prevent hospitalization.

Florida Medicaid Moves Toward Direct Contracting

Florida officials want to contract directly with provider groups to serve low-income populations. The project, to kick off next month, was created expressly to provide competition for plans.

Q&A: Selling The Electronic Patient Chart: A Conversation With Mark Leavitt, M.D., Ph.D.

Why is Mark Leavitt, M.D., smiling? Radio took 30 years to reach half the population; TV got there in 18 years; the Internet, less than five — with enormous health implications.


Editor’s Memo
Will Consumers Exercise Their New Power Wisely?

News and Commentary
AMA, Federal Government Fret More About Online Prescribing and Pharmacy
New Fee Schedule For Medicare Helps Office Docs
NCQA: Member satisfaction and clinical quality related [chart]
Physicians Seen As Next in Line For NCQA Review
Bipartisan Bill Gains Momentum, Worries Industry
Sagging Fortunes Cited in Departure Of Humana’s CEO
Headlines on Deadline…

Washington Watch
Deathwatch for AHCPR Ends As Funding Mandate Changes

State Initiatives
Businesses Brace for Premium Hikes as Reform Fever Strikes California

Compensation Monitor
Specialists’ salaries on rise [chart]

Community-Based Research: Not Just for Pharmaceuticals

Legal Forum
Health Plans That Decredential Docs Must Do It Correctly and Expect a Fight

Managed Care Outlook
Is the degree of restriction on choice of care overstated? [chart]

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