Vol. 9, No. 4 April 2000

Cover Story

In Search of Excellent IPAs

The best IPAs can do many good things for plans, such as jump-start new HMOs and attract new members and good physicians.

Right off the Assembly Line

DaimlerChrysler, wanting a more streamlined approach to health care for its employees, took matters into its own hands.

Making Outcomes Matter

How a group of not-for-profit health plans is trying to demonstrate long-term improvement for specific populations.

Reading the Fine Print in Risk

Inadequate systems, lack of historical data, and ambiguous language can run a risk-sharing contract off track.

Primary Care Docs, Hospitals: Obsolete?

Yes, says the president of the People’s Medical Society. Q&A.

Hang Together, Doctors, or Surely….

Physicians too often disparage their colleagues in the press.


Editor’s Memo

Recognizing what works.

News and Commentary

Cigna Colorado Ends Capitation For Most Primary Care Physicians
With AMAP Gone, Quality Judgments In Hands of Others
Financial Stability Of HMOs Called A Mixed Bag
NCQA To Put Report Cards On the Web
Humana Readies New Online Assessment Tool
What Drugs Are Covered? Safety, Efficacy Matter
Liability Closer; Work on Physician Bargaining Begins
Headlines on Deadline…
Fallout from the “new economy”: claims payment slower than ever [chart]

Washington Watch

Congressional anti-kickback battle hinges on HCFA’s regulatory stance.

State Initiatives

Medicaid agencies encourage quality.

Compensation Monitor

By 2010, pay may hinge on quality.


Public-private effort needed to help those who are medically indigent.

Legal Forum

State privacy efforts pose no real threat to disease management.

Managed Care Outlook

Consumers have choice. So what?

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