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What with lawsuits and poor financial performance, 1999 could hardly be termed a good year for HMOs. Despite those setbacks, the some HMO executives seemed to do OK for themselves. Of course, what’s not shown here is how executives in other industries fare while in the trough. (Remember all those articles about golden parachutes during the recession of the early 1990s?) Regardless of any such comparison, it’s a safe bet that these salaries — if published in a consumer magazine — wouldn’t be used to highlight the positive aspects of managed care.

What top executives made in 1999
Company Name/title Annual salary Bonus Other compensation Total compensation
Cigna Wilson Taylor, chairman $1,173,100 $4,000,000 $286,987 $5,460,087
H. Edward Hanway, president and CEO $711,500 $2,500,000 $82,815 $3,294,315
Aetna U.S. Healthcare Richard Huber, former chairman, CEO, president $1,000,000 $680,800 $73,513 $1,754,313
WellPoint Health Networks Leonard Schaeffer, chairman, CEO $999,992 $2,200,000 $138,444 $3,338,436
PacifiCare Health Systems Alan Hoops, former CEO, president $920,000 $1,104,995 $580,992 $2,605,987
Trigon Healthcare Norwood Davis, chairman $764,000 $917,280 $352,651 $2,033,931
Thomas Snead, president, CEO $405,940 $463,777 $24,528 $894,245
Sierra Health Services Anthony Marlon, chairman, CEO $654,320 $327,600 $99,487 $1,081,407
Foundation Health Systems Jay Gellert, president, CEO $500,000 No bonus $68,971 $568,971
Mid-Atlantic Medical Services Thomas Barbera, president, CEO $497,859 $499,994 $3,200 $1,001,053


MANAGED CARE June 2000. ©2000 MediMedia USA

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