Trying to measure interest in HSAs

Though the growth in the number of consumers opting for coverage through plans that use health savings accounts (HSAs) as well as the growth in the number of insurance companies that offer such plans is impressive, the absolute numbers of those electing such coverage remains relatively small. More than a million people used HSAs as of March, according to a study by America’s Health Insurance Plans. That’s quite an increase from last September, when about 438,000 used HSAs. Meanwhile, the number of insurers offering HSA plans increased from 29 to 99 during the same period. But to gain some perspective go no further than AHIP’s Web site, which says that the association represents “nearly 1,300 member companies providing health insurance coverage to more than 200 million Americans.”

Where HSAs are being sold

Total covered lives

*Small group means businesses with 50 or fewer employees. Large group means businesses with more than 50 employees. Some companies’ definitions did not match up with AHIP’s defined categories and were therefore place into the “other group” category.

†”Other” is for companies that were able to provide information on the number of policies sold, but not a breakdown by market.

Source: America’s Health Insurance Plans