Physicians want to fit in

How well physicians fit in with the corporate culture of provider organizations such as hospitals and group practices influences whether they’ll stay or even whether they’ll come aboard in the first place, according to a study by Cejka Search and Physician Wellness Services, a company that tries to help provider organizations run more smoothly. “When physicians feel a lack of cultural fit, it manifests itself in various ways, from feelings of anger, disengagement, and cynicism to, ultimately, leaving their jobs,” says the company’s “Organizational Cultural Survey.” It adds that “These consequences of poor cultural fit are [of concern] at a time when physician engagement has never been more important in the changing landscape of health care.”

Doctors who have to stay put because of family concerns, location preference, or stage in career find themselves increasingly unhappy, says the survey of 2,262 physicians and 123 provider administrator respondents. Responses were organized on a 10-point Likert scale.

Lori Brostrom, vice president for marketing at Physician Wellness Services, describes cultural fit as “when the people working at an organization believe in and are in step with the cultural attributes that reflect the organization’s culture.”

Physicians who perceive a lack of cultural fit “are also rejecting employment with organizations that don’t meet their expectations [regarding] organizational culture. “

My expectations of cultural fit have been a determining factor in accepting a practice or job opportunity

Percent of respondents

Lack of cultural fit has prompted me to leave a practice or job

Percent of respondents

Source: “Organizational Cultural Survey,” Physician Wellness Services and Cejka Search