High tech drug packaging can boost patient compliance

Round the world, the digital era are altering the way in which we live, communicate and run business. Almost 70 per cent of all Americans play online video and computer games. Fewer and fewer adults read hardcopies of papers and magazines. Already, 33 per cent of Americans utilize social networking and internet websites to investigate medical problems. Some experts predict that around 2 1 percentage of medicine is going to be clubbed through the world wide web or smartphones. The outcome? Extraordinary capability to guarantee patient compliance with medication treatments. The pharmaceutical industry is reacting to the chances with a selection of strategies. From video gaming which award points for Coping with illness control programs to call programs that help track glucose ranges, technology is being built to improve adherence, encourage patient therapy and influence health decisions.

Yet while tech races ahead, the regulatory environment remains anonymous, producing hesitancy and caution for the industry therefore wanting to carry the digital era challenge. In Digital Technologies to enhance Patient Compliance, FirstWord assesses the technical questions enclosing a's rising utilization of programs, online tracking, standalone devices along with different technology to boost patient compliance. The 41-page dossier accounts on a selection of new technologies out of smartphones and video gaming for smart pill packaging along with social networking.