CIGNA colorado ends capitation most primary care physicians

Like beginning skiers that are overly excited to race the intermediate mountain, healthcare players at Colorado have found capitation a more slippery-slope than they’d anticipated. Despite all these failures, Ryan highlights, many healthcare teams desire to proceed to provide guide contracting via capitation lacking any insurance license. That leaves consumer urges dreading financial meltdown will leave patients providers — uncompensated, while carriers fear over reaction and overregulation. From the shortrun, CIGNA HealthCare of Colorado, located in Denver, has dropped all of its capitation contracts. That is certainly not saying everyone hates capitation, however there are definite capitation temptations and crashes which have to be exercised before most of the players can rest sure it’s going to get the job done smoothly and cheaply for everybody. Colorado’s trail-blazing is anticipated to in form similar capitation-related disputes throughout the nation. Management firm utilized by a number of Fortune 500 businesses. Employers think At the capability of capitation to lessen costs and maintain quality of Care.


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