Examining costs of chronic conditions in a Medicaid population

To compare medical care costs and their components inpatients who have chronic illnesses. Quasi-experimental retrospective database analysis of an incorporated state-Medicaid data set. Six chronic diseases and 28 two-disease mixes were assessed at 284,060 patients. Dependent variables have been overall cost along with the percentage costs (hospital, doctor, home health insurance and health care equipment, and drugstore ). Maximum component prices were emotional health professionals for psychosis and hospital prices for melancholy. The rest of the states had somewhat diminished annual expenses. Unit prices consisted largely of hospital and pharmacy expenses. Psychosis has been also a component in 5 of those most costly chronic disease concurrences. The greatest disease-concurrence mean cost has been for psychosis and melancholy ($18,318). The exceptional resource demands of different chronic disorders should be contemplated in assessing and interrogate chronic disease direction programs.

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