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Battle against cancer: the long and short views

Cancer rates have been declining over the last ten years, but the number of cancer survivors is expected to soar by about 30% over the next decade, according to a study by the American Cancer Society. There were 14.5 million cancer survivors as of Jan. 1, 2014; there will be 18.9 million by 2024. “The number of cancer survivors continues to increase due to the aging and growth of the population and improvements in early detection and treatment,” says the study, “Cancer Treatment and Survivorship Statistics, 2014.”

About half of cancer survivors are ages 70 or older; only about 5% are younger than 40, the study states. “However, the age distribution of survivors varies substantially by cancer type. For example, the majority of prostate cancer survivors (62%) are aged 70 years or older, whereas less than one-third (32%) of melanoma survivors are in this older age group.”

MEN: Estimated number of U.S. cancer survivors by type


WOMEN: Estimated number of U.S. cancer survivors by type


Source: “Cancer Treatment and Survivorship Statistics, 2014,” American Cancer Society, June 1, 2014.

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