Rates for HEDIS Screening for Diabetic Nephropathy Quality Measure May Be Overstated

This analysis assessed the appropriateness of this prescription medication compliance measure for that Medical Care for Nephropathy grade step for patients who have diabetes. Data from federal industrial asserts for 28,348,363 men were evaluated. The analysis employed the typical HEDIS criteria for compliance with medical care for nephropathy for diabetics. Assessment of this next and last process discovered that the improvement of this measure led 14 percent to 16 percent of their numerator, bringing the last speed to the 80% range. Yetthe existence of a prescription to an ACE inhibitor or ARB didn’t confirm microalbuminuria. Just 1 percent of those men satisfying Measure 3 had signs of microalbuminuria in years ahead and not one at the year. The use of the medications will not obviate the requirement to get a nephropathy screening . Some of those medications as numerator compliance contributes to over-reporting and can donate to underscreening of a people in danger.

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