Drug management

Drug pricing & markets, value-based pricing, cost control, real-world evidence for safety and effectiveness

Seeds of Innovation
Joseph Burns
Companies that negotiate for better prices on specialty drugs without the incentive of discounts and rebates.
Richard Mark Kirkner
It is finally starting to happen. The first gene therapy to treat an inherited disease is out of the gate. But my, that price tag: $850,000. Many more gene therapies are on their way. How can they be priced to hit the sweet spot of affordability, access, and innovation? Outcomes-based pricing doesn’t really do the trick.
Bruce Pyenson
Gabriela Dieguez
Katherine Simon
Andrew Bochner
Despite standardization, advocates for various industries and certain patient needs continue to propose changes in coverage rules. Much of the advocacy is occurring at the state level with a focus on pharmaceutical coverage, such as equalizing cost sharing between oral and infused oncology drugs or setting limits on cost sharing for prescriptions.
Medication Management
Thomas Reinke
Aimovig and other drugs targeting the CGRP neuropeptide aim to prevent migraines in a whole new way. But Aimovig’s cost may mean an obstacle course of prior authorization and step therapy.
Legislation & Regulation
Richard Mark Kirkner
Michael S. Sinha, MD
The FDA’s work to redefine ‘truthful and non-misleading’ communication may preempt state efforts.
Too many Americans are skipping prescribed medications because they find them too expensive. That foretells trouble for payers—and for patients. On this page, you’ll find several relevant facts and numbers.
Priced out of health care
Timothy Kelley
Even the most effective drug is useless if people don’t take it because it’s so expensive. Today’s high prices are pushing more and more patients into nonadherence. It’s a prescription for trouble for us all.
Robert Calandra
The industry has been criticized for lack of transparency—and worse. Some see ‘a ton of sense’ in the proposed mergers with insurers and retailers. Others see a risk of even higher drug prices and a need for oversight.