Drug management

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2019 Year in Preview
Robert Calandra
PBMs and insurers are getting rolled into single entities with clout over the supply chain and benefit design. Any major changes in how they operate may wait as they spend 2019 figuring out how to mesh.
2019 Year in Preview
Thomas Reinke
States are liberalizing their marijuana laws. Federal officials may be ready to take a step in that direction by ending the restrictions on a key ingredient, cannabidiol.
2019 Year in Preview
Frank Diamond
Which is not to say that health plans will not attempt some innovative things on their own. One such innovation: an addiction recovery medical home.
2019 Year in Preview
Jan Greene
Scott Gottlieb, MD
We’ll see what happens to the administration’s Part B proposal. Congress is not likely to take bold action, partly because drugmakers are a strong influence on both parties. That leaves the FDA and Administrator Scott Gottlieb, MD, as major players in efforts to rein in drug prices.
Ed Silverman
The PBM unit of the health giant CVS decided that any new drug exceeding $100,000 per quality-adjusted life year (QALY) may be excluded from the formularies that are maintained by its clients. Patient groups (with the backing of pharma) say that the measure is discriminatory.
What Works
Susan Ladika
The caveat: The prices are now falling for various reasons, but the high cost still means many who might benefit don’t have access to the medications.
Maggie Alston
Bruce Pyenson
They can work, but pharma will need to master the intricacies of adherence metrics, real-world outcomes, and sampling.
Medication Management
Thomas Reinke
Pharma and Trump administration officials decry them as backroom deals. But payers and PBMs say rebates are an important negotiating tool with drugmakers. Take it away and drug expenditure will go up even faster.