Health care systems, hospitals, ACOs, & physician reimbursement reform, integrated delivery systems, & consolidation trends

The Future of Managed Care
Susan Ladika
Insurers, employers, and telehealth vendors are offering attractive new options for seeing the doctor without leaving home. But some of these programs may be used as an iffy substitute for health insurance, and the savings they can achieve remains uncertain.
The Future of Managed Care
Sarah Kwon
With genomic sequencing on the rise and patients having more say about their treatment, two hot areas—predictive genetic testing and pharmacogenomics—promise to extend “personalized” medicine beyond cancer care. But will this precision improve outcomes and pay for itself?
The Future of Managed Care
Howard Wolinsky
Online or app-based “chatbots” evaluate symptoms 24/7 and could make health care more accessible and effective. But are they just another toy for the tech‑privileged?
Frank Diamond
For the first time in its annual survey, the Leapfrog group looked at the number of surgeries hospitals and surgeons perform for a particular condition. A large body of research shows that the fewer surgeries a hospital or surgeon performs, the greater the chance of errors, complications, and deaths.…
Alan Adler, MD
Nurse practitioners are wonderful, but they’re not doctors.
Our Yearlong Look: Emergency Care Examined
Robert Calandra
People with behavioral health problems have stretched emergency departments to their limit as the number of inpatient psychiatric beds has decreased. For many patients, the ED is the first place they go. Even people under the care of a mental health professional wind up in EDs because they’re in crisis and their provider’s office is often closed.
Innovation ’19: Paramedics reducing ED utilization
Charlotte Huff
EMS providers are making house calls and helping people gain access to primary care with the goal of reducing unnecessary ED utilization.
Innovation ’19: Outpatient Joint Replacement
Lola Butcher
Bundled payment is pushing providers to look for ways to control the cost of joint replacements. Is joint replacement going to become outpatient surgery?

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