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Opinion and analysis on managing care from experts and KOLs
Mark Nathan
Once they have the right platforms in place, insurers can layer on predictive analytics, digital medical records, and other innovations that promise to make health care costs more manageable—and in the process make health insurers more competitive with the likes of CVS and maybe, eventually, Amazon.
Editor’s Desk
Peter Wehrwein
Why it is a big deal… It’s Amazon It started with books. And remember when people were dubious about Amazon ever making money? This is a company that has changed how Americans shop, and, as a result, large swathes of the American economy. The Washington Post and Whole Foods are now in its trophy…
Peter Wehrwein
As we went to press, the first of what may be up to 100 women were giving their victims statements against Larry Nassar, the former team doctor for the USA Gymnastics team. Nassar had already pleaded guilty to 10 counts of sexually assaulting young girls, and prosecutors had recommended a stiff sentence…
Zachary Hafner
Women are a key focus segment for health care organizations both because of the medical services they utilize as individuals and the influence they have on the health care of others. In one survey, 59% of women and 94% of working moms reported making or heavily influencing health care decisions for their entire families.
Peter Boland
Elisabeth Rosenthal has a unique perspective on what ails the American health care system. She is a physician turned journalist who has some firsthand knowledge about what takes place in American hospitals and doctor’s offices, although her Wikipedia entry makes a point of describing her as a “non-practicing physician.”
Nicolle Rychlick
Because physicians and health plan members both value choice, the current weak market for Inflectra and Renflexis could be a passing phase. Attitudes could change once there is more data that show people do well after switching from Remicade to the newcomers.
Zachary Hafner
Population health should be about collective societal benefits like disease prevention and better health—better behavioral health included. Substantial investment is admittedly hard to make with no line of sight on where and when the cost benefits will come. It will take a leap of faith. Are you ready to jump?
Frank Diamond

Some of the greatest people who’ve ever lived not only overcame pain and suffering, but achieved their greatness because—rather than in spite—of those conditions. That includes behavioral health as well.