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Nathan H. Comstock
“Breaking news alert! Hospital X and hospital Y announce they are merging.” At this point, you have heard the same breaking news story over and over again—the number of hospital mergers continues to rise. And the benefit? Likely none, and there is significant research to support the claim that…
Cheryl Nagowski
A new era of health care is in store for our nations veterans with the passage of the Veterans Affairs (VA) Maintaining Internal Systems and Strengthening Outside Networks (MISSION) Act, the most comprehensive health care reform bill passed by Congress since the Affordable Care Act. The MISSION Act…
Jordan Bazinsky
How lucky we are to be alive right now.” Those lyrics from Hamilton, when applied to innovation in health care, remind us how often life imitates art. One of health care’s most dramatic advances has been the progress of precision medicine, wherein medical treatment is tailored to the individual…
Mark Hefner
If you are part of an ACO or a clinically integrated network (CIN), you have begun the value-based care journey. As payment models continue to change, the question of how and when to increase appropriate risk and reward requires careful consideration. With the release of the final rule for Pathways…
Sasha Preble
Nate Comstock
Bergen Schoenfeld
Primary care has long anchored our care delivery system, although its role and purpose keeps changing. During the heyday of the HMO era, it served as a utilization gatekeeper. More recently, primary care has served as the proverbial glue that binds patient information and clinical relationships for…
Susan dosReis
Conversations about the value of health care treatments have not traditionally included the patient perspective. In the past, value has been measured through cost-effectiveness analyses that weigh the clinical benefits of a treatment against its costs without a consideration of how those benefits align…
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Interview by Peter Wehrwein
Managed Care editor Peter Wehrwein interviews Epstein Becker Green's Jack Linehan on copay accumulators, copay coupons, and copay maximizers.  Transcript Peter Wehrwein: Hello, we are on the phone with Jack Linehan at Epstein Becker and Green. Jack has written several pieces for Managed Care about…
Contributing Voices
Karen Kobelski
It’s a costly time for hospitals. In the report, “Trends in Hospital Inpatient Drug Costs: Issues and Challenges,” the National Opinion Research Center found that inpatient drug costs per admission are skyrocketing, having increased 38.7 percent in the three-year period from 2014 to 2016. These…

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