Blog on blogging

As we move Managed Care into the blogosphere, my curiosity was arosed about the number of active English language blogs. As with many internet related statistics, I found a wide range of estimates from 152 million (BlogPulse, February 2011) to 450 million — Hat Trick Associates. I unsuccessfully spent a bit of time searching for the number of healthcare specific blogs.

Suffice to say, a surfeit of blogs. Since we seek value in managed care, I pose the question, “What is the relative value of blogs?” — reading blog posts, contributing to blogs, operating blogs.

I nudged our Editor, my colleague and friend, to join the fray in this domain of the market place of ideas. My own view, blogs do have value to stimulate thinking, to allow for healthy debate, to give our readers and authors opportunities to expand upon the information and insight that appear in articles.

Please join us to make our blog a vital forum in the managed care market place of ideas.