Submitting Viewpoints

We publish opinion pieces by outside writers in the Viewpoint department of our website and in our monthly print publication.

We decide which pieces to publish based on our judgment of the value they will have to our readers. We believe readers want clear exposition, an original point of view, and lively writing.

Pieces that are selling a product or service will not be published.

The best word count is 650. In our print publication that number of words fits on a single page. We edit for clarity, length, and conformity to our editorial style (e.g., we use the serial comma and render health care as two words).

We will send you the edited version for your review before publication.

To submit a Viewpoint, attach it as a Word document to an email to Frank Diamond, [email protected], the managing editor.

Please include a contact name and phone number and one sentence of identifying information about the author and the author's employer.

We will acknowledge receipt of the email and will inform you whether we will publish the piece within 10 days of receiving it.

Many factors determine when Viewpoints will be published, including the number of pieces we have in our queue, the relevance to our editorial calendar, and topics in the news.