Fewer Moving Into the Uninsured Ranks

The number of people lacking health insurance reached a new low for the first three months of 2016, reports the New York Times and while that’s good, it represents a significant slowing in moving people into insurance under the Affordable Care Act. The number of people without insurance was down by 1.3 million in the first three months of 2016. However, when the ACA got rolling in 2014, the number of uninsured people went down by nearly 9 million, the newspaper reports.

The newspaper cites a National Health Interview Survey that also shows that “the share of working age people and dependents with high-deductible health insurance has increased and now stands at 4 out of 10. Such plans require patients to pay a sizable share of their medical bills before insurance kicks in. The survey defined that as at least $1,300 annually for self-only coverage, and $2,600 for a family.”