Aetna’s CEO Gets A Second Letter From Lawmakers Demanding an Explanation About Why the Plan Pulled Out of Obamacare Exchanges

Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini just got a second letter from Senate Democrats on September 23, which asks him to detail while the health insurer has exited Obamacare exchanges. The lawmakers sent a letter on September 8, but claim that Berolini did not answer questions, Morning Consult reports. Lawmakers wonder if Aetna’s pullout is connected to a Justice Department’s challenge of a proposed Aetna-Humana merger.

The Senators say that in the September 8 letter, “we asked detailed questions related to several pieces of public evidence suggesting that Aetna's decision to abandon the exchanges may have been motivated by the Justice Department's decision to enforce federal antitrust law against its proposed $37 billion merger with Humana. Yet your one-and-a-half page response that accused us of making ‘unfounded accusations’ failed to answer any of our actual questions. We are therefore writing to reiterate our concerns….”

Source: Morning Consult