CMS Will Make Docs Feel the Financial Pain If Value Goals Aren’t Met

For the most part, the effort to shift health care into being a value-based system have been a single-edged sword. Physicians have been rewarded for making benchmarks but haven’t, for the most part, been financially on the line for not performing up to snuff. That’s about to change for Medicare. CMS last Friday unveiled a complicated 2,400-page long regulation that will penalize poor performance, the New York Times reports. CMS wants half of Medicare outlays to go through alternative payment models tied to value by 2018. Those models include ACOs, medical homes, and bundled payments.

The Times reports that, “Starting in 2019, clinicians can earn higher reimbursements if they learn new ways of doing business, joining a leading-edge track that’s called Alternative Payment Models. That involves being willing to accept financial risk and reward for performance, reporting quality measures to the government, and using electronic medical records.”

Source: New York Times