Humana Touts Success of Its Wellness Program

Humana says that 50,000 of its employees are ahead of schedule when it comes to achieving their wellness goals, according to a Humana progress report. The company’s wellness program, Bold Goal, set certain benchmarks it wants participating employees to reach by 2020. Those 50,000 workers are actually going to meet the goals by the end of this year. Participation is key, and even that’s looking better, according to the insurer. Since the launch of Bold Goal in 2012, the employee engagement rate for the wellness program rose from 28% to 80%.

Humana officials liked what they saw so much that they began offering it to Humana beneficiaries in seven communities. They are located in Louisiana, Tennessee, Florida, Texas, and Kentucky. The CDC’s health management tool Healthy Days is used to measure progress. The program takes “into account how a person is feeling holistically, including his or her mental and physical health,” the company said in a press release.

The report states that “we have learned a lot about the social determinants of health and what impacts health outcomes. Through our work with local nonprofit, business and government organizations, as well as physicians, we continue to improve the health of our communities, Humana members and our associates (employees).”

San Antonio was the first Bold Goal community, and experienced a 9% decrease in the number of “unhealthy days,” thanks to the program’s focus on food insecurity and behavioral health services. “Through a telepsychiatry pilot program and food insecurity screening implemented in primary care offices, these health barriers were directly addressed,” Humana said. “Improvements in diabetes management were also achieved through collaboration between Humana, the San Antonio Health Advisory Board and the American Diabetes Association.”

Source: 2017 Progress Report: Bold Goal, Humana