App apt cause privacy concerns

It’s all about choice these days. Different routes, same destination. In this case, it’s reading Managed Care when and where you like, and if you own an iPhone or an iPad, you can do that with our new app available at the Apple Store.

Search for “Managed Care,” “P&T,” “Biotechnology Healthcare,” or “MediMedia,” or just click here:

The free app gives access to Managed Care and our sister journals, P&T and Biotechnology Healthcare. You can access all the content through an online connector or, as I do, download the issue to my device and read it from there.

We still have three other ways of reading Managed Care: right here on this page (click on the “latest issue” tab above); on our digital facsimile site, and, of course, the awesome printed magazine itself.

Happy reading.

John Marcille is the editor of Managed Care.


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