Lower Life Insurance Premiums for People With Type 2 Diabetics

Hancock, Verily, and diabetes tech company team up to offer program to monitor blood glucose, advise on food and exercise
Robert Calandra

People with type 2 diabetes who want to save up to 25% on their life insurance premium will soon be able to if they manage their condition using a new program organized jointly by John Hancock; Verily, the life sciences division of Google’s parent company, Alphabet; and Onduo, a diabetes prevention tech company. 

The program, which begins this month, will give certain customers blood glucose monitors and access to Onduo, which is a joint venture of Verily and Sanofi. The app will gather data and offer personalized recommendations about food and exercise, according to Politico’s Morning eHealth.

Appointments can be made with clinicians via telemedicine using the app. People earn points either by maintaining their glucose levels within a specific range or steady progression toward a goal.

John Hancock already rewards Fitbit and Apple Watch users for meeting step counts and other health goals.