Regence, Remedy Launch Bundled Payment Program

Regence says 40% of its total payments are already made through value-based care arrangements

Regence, a Blues plan in the Northwest that has 2.6 million members, is launching a new bundled payments program in a partnership with Remedy, the Norwalk, Conn., company that specializes in software and support services for bundled payments.

Regence says that 40% of its total payments are already paid through value-based payments but that this bundled payment program with Remedy will be the first to focus on clinical procedures. The program will start with orthopedics and maternity care and then move into cardiac and gastrointestinal procedures, according to a write-up on Regence’s website.

“We’re honored to support Regence’s groundbreaking Episodes of Care program,” Kyle Armbrester, CEO of Remedy was quoted as saying. “Remedy’s deep expertise in administering episode-based payments will help lead to better care for patients.”

“We are looking holistically at all the care a member needs to treat a procedure of condition,” said Kristie Putnam, vice president of provider partnership innovation at Regence.

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