Amazon Is Getting Into Medical Transcription

Working with Cerner so spoken notes would go as text right into EHR
Robert Calandra

Amazon is now in the medical scribe business in vocal sort of way.

The online retailer and internet behemoth announced at Amazon Web Services’ re; Invent conference last week, that it was launching a service called Amazon Transcribe Medical, according to CNBC.

The service transcribes doctor–patient conversations and plugs the text directly into the medical record, according to CNBC.

'I am a doctor not a typist'

Most medical practices are tied into an electronic medical records system that requires a doctor or nurse to fill in different fields during or after a patient visit. Some practices use scribes who take notes during a visit or a doctor will dictate into a recorder that is transcribed later and entered into the EHR system.

“Our overarching goal is to free up the doctor so they have more attention going to where it should be directed,” said Matt Wood, vice president of artificial intelligence at AWS. “And that is to the patient.”

Amazon developed the technology with some AWS customers, including Cerner, an electronic health information technology company, and Suki, a venture-backed transcription company.

The biggest challenge facing Amazon Transcribe Medical, according to CNBC, was making sure that the technology would comply with HIPAA rules.  Wood said the service meets those rules and regulations. The service has also mastered “domain specific language and abbreviations” common in medicine.

Both Microsoft and Google are working on similar tools. Microsoft Azure is working with Nuance, an IT company, while Google is working the Stanford University