Managed Care


January 1997

Are there lessons to be learned from the HMO that's doing arguably the nation's best job of satisfying members? Yes, and one of them is that member satisfaction alone doesn't assure success.
Patrick Mullen
We know that ACE inhibitors are a front-line treatment for congestive heart failure, but they're not prescribed often enough. Will managed care give physicians a nudge?
Anne Bilodeau
This British-trained, San Diego-based family physician says today's managed care reminds him of what his homeland went through 48 years ago — and points out lessons the British experience can teach.
Eric G. Anderson, M.D.
Physicians, plans and patients are discovering that the promise of genetic testing will be hard to fulfill. Even when a test can show predisposition toward a disease, performing it can't necessarily improve medical outcomes. Unfortunately, doing these tests can have some unintended negative effects.
Jean Lawrence