October 1997

Combined managed health and dental coverage could save expenses for employers and improve care. But neither employers nor traditional managed care plans have shown much interest in packaged plans.
Health care reform isn’t dead; it just comes in 50 different flavors now. But, happily for HMOs, even some state legislators are starting to realize they can’t micromanage all of medicine.
Finding and keeping good employees is essential to maintaining a healthy practice. Too often, physicians don’t take a diagnostic approach to judging applicants. These tests can be done in the office: No referral needed!
For New Mexico’s Lovelace Health Systems, a fortuitous partnership with a disease management vendor has made it feasible to develop programs in 17 clinical areas without crippling costs.
How can a single corporate employer afford to invest so much effort in improving quality in managed care, knowing that its pioneering work may simply be copied?
Managed care take a bite out of fraud? Hardly. It has merely changed some of the techniques of stealing and corner-cutting.
Health plans that are complacent about the “Year 2000” problem are courting trouble. Without software or hardware upgrades, patient records — and even patient care — can be thrown into chaos.

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