Managed Care


August 1998

There are things HMOs and physician groups can do now to help them see through tough times.
Frank Diamond
Health plans can position themselves even before talks begin by getting all the information they can on the population they wish to target.
Frank Diamond
Things are far from rosy, but there is a rise in cooperation between plans and physicians. Can peace be far behind — or is it a lull in the fighting?
Michael D. Dalzell

A program pairing academic medical institutions with managed care companies teaches residents how health plans work and to work with them.

Michael D. Dalzell
The new director of HCFA's Center for Health Plans and Providers wants to bring managed care options to Medicare recipients and overhaul guidelines governing payment rates for cognitive services.
A medical director's casual ruminations suggest that HMOs watch primary care doctors not out of malice, but with a true desire to help.
Physicians of all ages and specialties are returning to universities across the country to learn how to maneuver in the world of managed care.
Jean Lawrence