May 1998

Physicians have to accept the programs for them to work. But most doctors need to be convinced that they're worthwhile.
MargaretAnn Cross
For the first time, HEDIS data will be included. Health plans will have to focus on results as well as systems to pass muster.
Frank Diamond
New alliances are emerging in the field of medical research. Where does managed care fit in? And how does it affect the research agenda?
Phyllis MaGuire
Many find that the risks are worth the rewards in moving from the examination room to the boardroom.
John S. Lloyd, M.B.A., M.S.P.H.
Mary Frances Lyons, M.D.
Harvard's Regina E. Herzlinger says entrepreneurial geniuses will give restless baby boomers what they want: a delivery system in which consumers can choose coverage the same way they shop for cars.
Interview by Patrick Mullen
Prescription benefit arrangements between physicians and managed care companies seem to be a growing trend replete with growing pains.
Jean Lawrence