Managed Care


April 1999

Public fascination with alternative medicine gives health plans a can't-miss business opportunity. Science may determine whether plans' interest lasts.
Michael D. Dalzell
Surveys say a lot about quality and are continuously conducted by HMOs and accrediting bodies. The authors suggest medical groups follow suit.
Roger Bolus, Ph.D. ; Jennifer Pitts, Ph.D.
It seemed a good idea to sell the practice to a hospital, but it didn't work out. When a doctor wants or has to leave, there are things to negotiate.
Mark D. Abruzzo, J.D.
The president of the Union of American Physicians and Dentists pulls no punches in describing the conflict between physicians and insurers.
Both fee-for-service and capitation arrangements can bring favorable compensation levels, but mixing the two poses problems.
Karen L. Trespacz, J.D.