Managed Care


June 1999

Minority groups offer a large untapped market right within our national borders. Health plans and physicians need to develop the tools to serve it.
José Rivera, M.P.H.

With PPO enrollment nearing 100 million, HMOs are getting a healthy dose of competition. Is the PPO here to stay — or just a temporary distraction?

Michael D. Dalzell
Millennial bugs aside, E-commerce is emerging as a top priority of health care companies. Ignore it at your peril.
David Pedersen
Call it "thinking out of the box" or "pushing the mental envelope" or whatever the buzz words of the day might be: Donald Berwick, M.D., is an outspoken advocate of finding new and better ways to deliver health care. His organization promotes them. And a lot of people are listening.
Patrick Mullen
Too many HMO executives are swayed by vendor data compiled using flawed methodology. Keep your eye on the denominator.
Frank Diamond

Washington Watch
Michael Levin-Epstein
Federal and state legislators and enforcement agencies are putting more responsibility for prevention and detection of fraud and abuse on MCOs.
Mark D. Abruzzo, J.D.
Managed Care Outlook